Why Join Us?

Everyday Vouchers guarantees to give you more than just happiness. We are there to make your life healthy, wealthy and luxurious. Wondering how? Just take a glance at the benefits of joining us.

1. Accidental Insurance Cover upto Rs.10 Lac as Joining Bonus

Once you are registered with us, we gift you an accidental insurance cover upto Rs.10 lacs & Rs.10,000 shall be credited to your EV wallet as joining Bonus without taking any extra or hidden charges.

2. Refer and Earn a Bonus Value of Rs.10,000/- + Rs.37500/-

We bring for you an excellent opportunity to get an extra income by referring this opportunity to your friends, family or relatives. At every member, Earn Rs.1500 and At every 25 members, you can earn Rs. 10,000 (Bonus Value)+ Rs.37500 (Referral Income).

3. At 100 referrals earn a minimum value of Rs. 6,25,000/-

Once you have completed a chain of 100 direct referrals, your minimum income will go as high as Rs.6,25,000/- and this is not the end. The more members you refer, the more your income would be.

4. Four Levels of Income Pay upto Rs. 2,37,87,500/-

There are maximum 4 levels of income at which you can earn a handsome amount of upto 2,37,87,500/-(Two Crore Thirty Seven Lac Eighty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Rupee) by referring only 25 Members. For this, keep yourself and your team dedicated because success comes with hard work.

5. Small Investment (Much Smaller than Traditional Business)

We know, it is hard to believe that in such a small investment you can become a millionaire. But, yes, it is a fact that a meagre amount of Rs.5000/- much smaller than what you invest in a small traditional business can give you such high returns.

6. Additional or Residual Income

If you join us and encourage your joinees to buy our vouchers through this chain, then you can earn an additional income through them without any hard work. If they will earn, then you also get a share of their income upto 4 levels. Not only this, at every level your bonus of Rs.5000/- would be doubled.

7. Start Your Own Business

Everyday Vouchers is giving you the best ever opportunity to be your own boss and earn with as low investment as of Rs. 5000/- which anybody can afford today. So, start your own business with us today! Join us for part time business, work from home, home based business.

8. Freedom, Royal Life, Relationships & Satisfaction

The best part of this opportunity is that you are not pressurised by anyone, you are your own boss, you can enjoy complete freedom. There is no time limitation of working hours, you can simply work whenever and wherever you want to. Since, it is all about relationship so even while travelling for a vacation you can refer your business opportunity to ones you meet your way. You get a complete satisfaction as you get the instant result of your hard work.

9. Offer Business Opportunities to Others & Earn when others work for you

Enjoy the benefit of earning together with your friends and relatives by offering the business opportunity to them and earn when they work for you.

10. Can be done Part Time or Full Time

Anybody can be a part of this, those who are already working or those who are looking out for some opportunity. They can work as per their convenience whether full time or part time, income is guaranteed.